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The Power of Rapport

April 21

4pm PT | 7pm ET

Trainers, presenters, and educators . . .

Learn the 4 ingredients of an acknowledgment that accentuates and accelerates students’ effort.

Join the 1-hour Maestro Class

There are acknowledgments . . .

and then there are acknowledgments that reinforce positive behavior and build self-image. 










Who can benefit from the QL Maestro Class?

Trainers, Presenters, Educators, Teachers

A "Rookie" and Need
a Solid Foundation

Learn the essentials that
set you up for early success.

Good (or Great) and
Want to Be Better

Build on what you have, accentuate what's working and gather distinctions that advance your talent.

Seasoned and Still Learning

It feels great to have developed knowledge, experience, and wisdom. And there are always a few more insights and distinctions that turn great into best.

Okay. I'm In!

What is the  Maestro Class?

On Point

No fluff. No fillers.
We've packed this hour.

In the Quantum Learning world we say, Everything is on Purpose. We'll intro the topic, share strategies, provide the "how" and "why," and even have time for you to practice what you've learned.



What you need, right now!
Each month we focus on an "it's-happening-right-now" classroom and workshop challenge.

Feedback & Coaching

Imagine receiving real-time feedback in the safety of QL Practitioners striving for excellence.

Don't you just love when a strategy flows during a lesson, training, or presentation?

That happens when we are competent and confident. Coaching accelerates our capacity to be "in flow" more often.

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Your Maestro Class Experience


  • 1-hour sessions
  • virtual-live sessions modeling high-level delivery skills
  • the how and why for each strategy
  • in-the-moment 1:1 coaching
Let's make this happen!

We're asked all the time, 

How do you get the results you get? 
What do your facilitators know that corporate trainers and classroom teachers don't?

The Skills You Need

There are plenty of good presenters, teachers, and speakers. Learn the critical factors that turn the good into GREAT

In the Maestro Class you'll learn how to :

  • Heighten attention

  • Increase audience understanding

  • Deepen connections between your audience and your content

  • Inspire motivation 

  • and so much more!

I want to find out!

What you get with Quantum Learning


Strategies grounded in
accelerated learning principles.

We do better when we know better.


Connect with our Facilitators, ask questions, try on the strategy,
get feedback.

We learn better
when we practice it.

On Point

Each session is artfully orchestrated to maximize your learning.

We comprehend better when we stay focused on one thing at a time.

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You have questions.
Here are answers. 

Invest in yourself.

Leading others whether as a teacher,
presenter, facilitator, manager,

director, team leader or speaker is
a give-it-your-all endeavor.

Investing in YOU builds your competence
and your confidence 
so you can
lead with greater focus and clarity.
I'm in!

Get in now. 
The next Maestro Class is
Wednesday, April 21st!

4pm PT | 7pm ET

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What are you waiting for?

Invest in yourself.

Invest in the impact you can create.

1 Session - QL Maestro Class




The Power of Rapport

April 21, 
4pm PT | 7pm ET

  • Proven mindsets, models, and strategies to deliver meetings, workshops, and lessons with greater confidence.
  • Live coaching session with QL Master Facilitators
  • Quantum Learning Community to engage and exchange strategies with other facilitators 

Better delivery.
Better learning!