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The people we choose to surround ourselves with are the biggest influence on our behavior, choices, attitudes, and results...





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SuperCamp Mastermind

with Mentors

For students ages 14 to 20


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Take a moment to think about what your current support system looks like . . . Are the people in your life positive influences? Do they have your best interests in mind? Do they challenge you and hold you accountable to succeed?

With SuperCamp Mastermind, you’ll find your team that can offer you all of that and more!


What is SuperCamp Mastermind?

Brought to you by Quantum Learning, SuperCamp Mastermind is a weekly, ongoing, school-year virtual meet-up to give students the resources of specialized support and crucial guidance in this time of uncertainty and change.

Mastermind groups are small teams of like-minded students who meet regularly to form safe and trusting relationships. Sharing both successes and challenges, participants brainstorm and inspire each other. The SuperCamp Mastermind team offers the peer connections students like you can benefit from with the guidance of a trusted facilitator.


What's included

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

Jim Rohn


One-on-One Mentoring with a SuperCamp Facilitator 


In addition to the Mastermind team sessions, participants receive weekly one-on-one live mentoring—an opportunity to connect with a mentor who will provide you with guidance and support. The mentor listens to goals and challenges, provides Quantum Learning strategies where appropriate, and leads with questions that guide you to discover your own strengths.

A mentor, along with a positive team, who supports you in your academic and personal growth can be the key to your success! Life skill components based on SuperCamp’s 8 Keys of Excellence are woven in to offer ways that you can achieve your best life.


Mentorship is dependent upon the individual student’s needs. It is not a tutoring service or therapy. Mentors will help with goal setting, mini success moments, and provide adequate resources.


"Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire." 

Napoleon Hill

Meet some of our SuperCamp Facilitators!

Claude Mitchell

Claude began his QLN experience in 2013, serving as a Team Leader, becoming a Facilitator in 2015, and transitioned into the SuperCamp home office in March 2019. He has worked numerous SuperCamp programs in the U.S. such as Brown, Stanford, and Wake Forest University.

In his spare time, Claude enjoys inhaling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, riding his motorcycle, traveling, and dunking on strangers at the local gyms.

Sarah Kelley

Sarah joined the QLN team in 2018 as a Team Leader and Facilitator for the SuperCamp and QLS programs in Hong Kong. Since then, she's worked stateside at SuperCamp held at Stanford University and became full-time at QLN later that same year.

In her free time Sarah spends time with her family and friends, reads, and hangs out at the beach with her dog, Violet.

Cheyenne Foster

Dr. Cheyenne Foster has been with QLN/SuperCamp for 13 years as a Program Developer, Trainer, Lead Facilitator, and Site Administrator. Cheyenne is a full-time employee at Quantum Learning Network designing programs, training staff, training and certifying Quantum Learning teachers, and facilitating student programs.

In her free time Cheyenne loves to spend time outside with her family, work with essential oils, and run half marathons at Disneyland.


student success stories


SuperCamp has held 7- to 10-day residential programs at top universities in the US and globally since 1982. With a focus on academic strategies, motivation, life skills, and leadership, students gain the skills necessary to succeed in our ever-changing society. 


With SuperCamp Mastermind, students will now be able to access our trained facilitators year-round with a team of peers.

The SuperCamp Mastermind experience begins . . . 

Participants can enroll for four weeks at a time and groups will continue to meet weekly throughout the year. 


High School students (8 to 12 participants in a group)



Weekly Mastermind with 1:1 mentoring 



Masterminds meet weekly for 60 minutes. Meeting day and time is determined based on all participant availability. 

(Mastermind groups are being formed continuously. 1:1 Mentoring session day/time set between participant and mentor.)



Mastermind meetings happen through the video conference platform, Zoom.

(With interaction, fun, brainstorms, learning, breakout sessions, deep discussions, and non-stop support and inspiration!)


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 “Surround yourself with those who only lift you higher.” Oprah Winfrey

SuperCamp Mastermind with Mentors includes:

An entire month, semester, or year of support

From day one, we allow participants to build authentic rapport through team bonding, culture building, and fun challenges all in a safe learning environment.

Each week provides interactions leading to deeper understanding of each individual, personal challenges, academic support, and self-growth for overall success.

Individual 30 minute weekly 1:1 mentor session

PStudents connect with a SuperCamp trained facilitator in a one-on-one half-hour session each week for individual guidance and support. They discuss goals and challenges, strategies and implementation, and students gain confidence from the rapport and encouragement.

Receive personal guidance in a relaxed, safe, virtual space where the focus is on helping YOU succeed.

Parent Consultation Call

(Before Program)

- A quick call with us to connect about your student's goals. Support us in supporting your student.

- The more we know, the more support/guidance/insight we'll be able to prepare before the first Mastermind Meet-up.

- Promotes a tailored experience for each participant based on their needs, goals, and preferences.

- Answers possible questions participants and family may have concerning how the Mastermind Meet-ups operate to alleviate any hesitation. 


Parent Briefing

(During the Program)

- Optional weekly parent meet-up to connect with other like-minded families, who value learning and growth.

- Develop new strategies and insight to help support your student.

- Added support to benefit families and address their individual needs, goals, and preferences.

-Create a community that can act as a continued support system.


Additional benefits:

24/7 access to course video replays

Miss a session? Trying to remember the brilliant idea your team came up with? Want to take notes on your discussion?

Access the weekly video replays so you can reference them at any time and not miss a beat!

Quick & easy downloadable resources

Access additional materials to support your personal growth and learning.

100% support

From enrollment through course completion and after, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Why choose SuperCamp Mastermind with Mentors? 


1. Course SpecialistsSuperCamp facilitators are highly trained in the content they are delivering. Each facilitator has received more than 100 hours of training in SuperCamp methodology. They are educators with their feet on the ground during this shift to e-learning.  They know what works and what doesn’t to better meet the needs of the students.



2. Deepening UnderstandingOur live sessions are designed so that students can actively interact with the content and with each other.  We teach with the brain in mind and have developed our proprietary teaching methodology to increase grades, confidence, and motivation for academic and personal success. Questions are welcomed and answers are provided by the SuperCamp facilitators and students alike. 



3. Community: Last but not least, the SuperCamp facilitators are trained in the art of community building, both in person and online.  Our rapport- and culture-building strategies that have propelled us over the last 39 years have been adapted to the digital world. Students become part of a safe and supportive environment where they feel at home and comfortable enough to participate, learn, and grow.  Connections are made each week that last way beyond the month+ experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Enroll in SuperCamp Mastermind with Mentors

4 Weeks



  • Four 60-minute mastermind meetings with full team led by a SuperCamp facilitator
  • Four one-on-one mentoring sessions with the same SuperCamp facilitator
  • Access to proprietary Quantum Learning curriculum and strategies facilitated in response to your personal growth needs
  • SuperCamp Mastermind Community forum to stay connected to your team 24/7

SuperCamp Mastermind

with Mentors

1 month

Enroll Now

8 Weeks


$89/week (10% savings)

  • Eight 60-minute mastermind meetings with full team led by a SuperCamp Facilitator
  • Eight one-on-one mentoring sessions with the same SuperCamp Facilitator
  • Access to proprietary Quantum Learning curriculum and strategies facilitated in response to your personal growth needs
  • SuperCamp Mastermind Community forum to stay connected to your team 24/7

SuperCamp Mastermind 

with Mentors

2 months - Pay $355 per month

Enroll Now

16 weeks


$79/week (20% savings)

  • Sixteen 60-minute mastermind meetings with full team led by a SuperCamp Facilitator
  • Sixteen one-on-one mentoring sessions with the same SuperCamp Facilitator
  • Access to proprietary Quantum Learning curriculum and strategies facilitated in response to your personal growth needs
  • SuperCamp Mastermind Community forum to stay connected to your team 24/7

SuperCamp Mastermind

with Mentors

4 months - Pay $315 per month

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