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What is SuperCampU?

SuperCampU is a live, virtual 4-week* experience for students ages 9-18 created to combine the current needs of middle and high school students with our 39 years of experience in facilitating academic and personal and now entrepreneurial success.

Capture the full experience with 2 session options: July 6th to July 31st or July 20th to August 14th, 2020.

*One week options also available


Why we created it: 

With the new norm of online interaction, we have discovered that authentic connections and a safe, engaging learning environment are needed now more than ever. As our network of families found challenges in the sudden transition to distance learning, we have transformed our programs to meet students right where they are. 

Not only are students able to stay on track after the school year was interrupted, but they can get ahead in academic and personal success with SuperCampU.

What's included

SuperCampU has recently partnered with Genius School's Young Entrepreneur Academy giving the option of including powerful entrepreneurial experiences in addition to SuperCamp’s curriculum!

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"What I like most is the environment where I can be myself and learn about things with people I like talking to."

Dominic K.

"I'm really loving it! I was inspired to set my own learning goals."

Anna M.

Our shift to online experiences has proven successful!

"I'm going into my first year of college and after this program I feel like I have what I need to be successful."

Trevor L.

"My biggest takeaway was finding ways to make our uncomfortable zones somewhat comfortable and work more in our learning zones."

Caimbria F.


student success stories


SuperCamp has held 7- to 10-day residential programs at top universities in the US and globally since 1982. With a focus on academic strategies, motivation, life skills, and leadership, students gain the skills necessary to succeed in our ever-changing society. 


With SuperCampU students will now be able to access our content from the comfort of their own homes with live connections and guidance from SuperCamp trained facilitators.

In the SuperCampU experience ...

Students participate in a one-of-a-kind summer program led by highly trained facilitators specializing in their content. 

SuperCampU focuses on these core skills: 

  • Self-driven Motivation and Leadership Now: Increase your drive and productivity while learning your authentic leadership style
  • Quantum Reading: Increase your speed and comprehension
  • Quantum Writing: Let your writing flow
  • Quantum Strategies: Gain "hacks" for academic success

All are covered across the 4-week periods of July 6 to July 31 and July 20 to August 14*.

Daily live session options:

Ages 9-13:

  • 10:00am Pacific PT (1:00pm Eastern ET, 6:00pm British BST)
  • 3:00pm Singapore SGT ( 8:00am British BST)

Ages 14-18:

  • 11:00am Pacific PT (2:00pm Eastern ET, 7:00pm British BST)
  • 4:00pm Pacific PT (7:00pm Eastern ET, 7:00am Singapore SGT)
  • 5:00pm Singapore SGT (10:00am British BST)
Course Skill Descriptions

SuperCampU includes:

An entire month of weekly courses

From day one, we guide participants through the weekly focuses, Monday through Friday.

Each week provides interactions leading to deeper understanding of the specific topic for academic and personal success.

Daily 1-hour live connections and guided support

Led by a SuperCamp trained facilitator, participants engage in a fun, safe, virtual space that promotes learning, growth, creativity, and authentic connections with other students.


Additional benefits:

24/7 access to course video library

Watch weekly course videos and refresh at your own pace.

Quick & easy downloadable resources

Access additional materials to support your learning.

Community forum

Access to the SuperCampU Community forum to chat, share resources, and connect during and after sessions.

100% support

From enrollment through course completion and after, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Why choose SuperCampU? :

What makes SuperCampU-nique!


1. Course Specialists: SuperCampU facilitators are highly trained in the content that they are delivering. Each facilitator has received more than 100 hours of training in SuperCamp methodology. They are educators with their feet on the ground during this shift to e-learning.  They know what works and what doesn’t to better meet the needs of the students.



2. Deepening Understanding: Our live sessions are designed so that students can actively interact with the content and each other.  We teach with the brain in mind and have developed our proprietary teaching methodology to increase grades, confidence, and motivation for academic and personal success. Questions are welcomed and answers are provided by the SuperCampU facilitators and students alike. 



3. Community: Last but not least, the SuperCampU facilitators are trained in the art of community building, both in person and online.  Our rapport- and culture-building strategies that have propelled us over the last 39 years have been adapted to the digital world. Students become part of a safe and supportive environment where they feel at home and comfortable enough to take academic risks to learn and grow.  Connections are made each week that last way beyond the month experience.

Our SuperCampU experiences:

Self-driven Motivation and Leadership Now

Gain simple yet effective strategies to increase your motivation and find your authentic leadership style.

Go from zero to 60 and learn how to be self-driven. Learn the psychology of how your brain works and identify the root of your intrinsic motivation. Implement newfound powerful skills and strategies to expand your ability to get tasks done. Increase your productivity, learn how to set and achieve realistic goals, and map out the steps it will take to be successful.

Identify your personal leadership strengths and gain the tools to transform your challenges. Whether it's guiding yourself toward academic success or coaching a team to a championship, you'll learn what it takes to be an effective leader.

Course length: 1 week Monday to Friday, 1 hour/day live interactive session with unlimited access to video modules.

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Quantum Reading

Increase your speed. Increase your comprehension. Increase your productivity.

Reading is an essential skill and one of the main ways we learn. The amount of required reading typically increases with level of education. Imagine being able to double your reading speed AND increase your comprehension. Our proven techniques and reading processes help students study more efficiently and in less time. 

Course length: 1 week Monday to Friday, 1 hour/day live interactive session with unlimited access to video modules.

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Quantum Writing

Let your words flow!

Writing is a form of self-expression, but sometimes it doesn't flow as easily as we'd like it to. Quantum Writing and the Creative Discovery Process help students break their writing apprehension, brainstorm creatively, utilize easy steps to self-edit, and get familiar with proper essay structures. Learn to effectively connect your ideas to take your writing to the next level. 

Course length: 1 week Monday to Friday, 1 hour/day live interactive session with unlimited access to video modules.

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Quantum Strategies

Gain strategies to make learning easier.

Learn "hacks" to spend less time getting frustrated and know exactly how to tackle challenges. Implement the best proven study practices that promote brain-friendly optimal learning. It's all about learning more with less effort and making the most productive use of your time.

Course length: 1 week Monday to Friday, 1 hour/day live interactive session with unlimited access to video modules.

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 SuperCampU is excited to announce partnership with:


Genius School's

Young Entrepreneur Academy*

4 week microschool, empowering young people to launch their own digital business as entrepreneurs.

200 young leaders will spend one to two hours a day July 20 to August 14, to learn how to launch their own business. From being a Youtuber to building an app or having an online store, the academy is made up of three camps: Junior Start-up (9-13 years old), Senior Start-up (14-18 years old) and Family Camp (one parent and one child).

Course length: 4 weeks Mon/Wed/Fri, 1 to 2 hours/day live interactive sessions

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*Junior or Senior Camp included as added bonus with four-week SuperCampU enrollment at no additional charge.
(up to $3997 value)

Announcing SuperCampU's partnership with

Genius School's

Young Entrepreneur Academy

In celebration we have cut the price in half for the first 200 to enroll!

SuperCampU Live Summer Experience

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July 6 to July 31 or July 20 to August 14, 2020


Now only


  • Four-week SuperCampU experience.
  • Facilitated SuperCamp curriculum in daily guided live sessions.
  • A safe, fun, and engaging online learning environment with students from all over the world.
  • Access to our complete video library even after the 4 weeks are over.
  • Invitation to connect with peers in the SuperCampU Facebook Community.
  • And now optional COMPLIMENTARY enrollment for the full 4-week Young Entrepreneur Academy with Genius School Junior or Senior Start-Up Camp.
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Live Individual Weekly Courses

Also with Daily Live Sessions


Now only


  • Choose one of our four 1-week experiences between July 6 and August 14, 2020.

- Self-driven Motivation/Leadership Now - July 6 - 10 or August 3 - 7

- Quantum Reading July 13 - 17 or August 10 - 14

- Quantum Writing July 20 - 24

- Quantum Strategies July 27 - 31

  • Facilitated SuperCamp curriculum in daily guided live sessions
  •  A safe, fun, and engaging online learning environment with students from all over the world.
  • Access to your course video library even after the 4 weeks are complete.
  • Invitation to connect with peers in the SuperCampU Facebook Community.
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