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How to Thrive in Your School Year and Beyond!


Live, Interactive Virtual Workshop

For students ages 13 to 18 

Plus Closing Celebration with Parents

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What if . . . remote learning could be a different experience—one that includes real learning and even joy!

What if . . . it could be something students look forward to!

What if . . . students felt empowered to be in control of their learning and motivated to excel!

SuperCamp Future Day

October 24th, 2020

9:00am - 1:00pm Pacific/ 12 noon - 4:00pm Eastern

 Learn how to be your BEST SELF this school year in this fun-packed day!


Brought to you by Quantum Learning, SuperCamp Future Day is a one-day interactive, virtual experience for students aged 13 - 18.

Distance learning is the new norm for most schools and not one that is looked forward to for most. It’s a challenge for students to stay motivated and to put in the extra effort and focus that’s required. It’s a challenge for parents to keep pushing their kids. And it’s a challenge for teachers, as most have not been taught how to teach effectively online. As a result of all these challenges, most kids are bored and some don’t even show up!

SuperCamp Future Day creates a transformative shift in a student’s willingness to take responsibility for their learning, to be accountable for their own results, and to be committed to an effective system to stay organized. Students create a shift in their mindset as they learn how to thrive in their school year and beyond. 

A live interactive virtual experience for ages 13-18 plus Closing Celebration with parents invited.

Join us for this workshop focused on making the most of today while creating a radically better future! 


 “Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow”

- Robert T. Kiyosaki

What will SuperCamp Future Day look like?


8:45 am PT: Beginning 10 minutes prior to 9:00 am PT, our virtual doors will open to kick off the day with music, meeting your team, and chatting with the facilitators. This will be a great time to ensure that your video an audio are working to prepare for a successful day!

9:00 am PT: Time to bring it in with a lot of energy! Experience the introduction to the day with the entire group and learn what SuperCamp Future Day is all about. If you've been to live SuperCamp then you know we like to start off our days on a high note! 

9:15 am PT: You'll get into your age-related team where you'll engage in fun rapport building activities led by a SuperCamp Team Leader. Create your team identity and learn some strategies to effectively socialize in the virtual (or non-virtual) world! Experiences surrounding comfort zone, learning zone, and communication skills will be facilitated.

9:45 am PT: Head back to the main room for an experience on self-motivation and dive into a personal reflection on how you can thrive in your new school year. 

10:00 am PT: Explore what a positive mindset means and how there's power in taking responsibility for your learning. Learn how to own the choices you make and the results that follow. 

11:00 am PT: 15 minute brain break! Grab some snacks and chat with your teams while you get ready for what's next! 

12:00 pm PT: Dive deep into what the Key of Commitment is and what it looks like in your life. Gain strategies on how to stay committed to your goals while sharing your challenges and brainstorming practical solutions. 

12:30 pm PT: Closing celebration (parents invited and encouraged to attend!) Parents, learn how to continue support for your student while being mindful of your own needs.



Receive these BONUSES when reserving your spot! 


  • A free physical SuperCamp Learning Package with a set of 8 Keys of Excellence wall signs and wrist bands, affirmation posters, books and a t-shirt! – All mailed to your home! ($125 value)

(For domestic shipping add $20 to tuition fee, international add $40)

  • An Individual Learning Profile Assessment ($24 value)

Total value of bonus products and experiences is over $100! 


"Transformation isn't a future event. It's a present day activity." 

J. Michaels

Meet some of our SuperCamp Facilitators!

Claude Mitchell

Claude began his QLN experience in 2013, serving as a Team Leader becoming a Facilitator in 2015, and transitioned into the SuperCamp home office in March 2019. He has worked numerous SuperCamp programs in the U.S. such as: Brown, Stanford, and Wake Forest University.

In his spare time, Claude enjoys inhaling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, riding his motorcycle, traveling, and dunking on strangers at the local gyms.


Sarah Kelley

Sarah joined the QLN team in 2018 as a Team Leader and Facilitator for the SuperCamp and QLS programs in Hong Kong. Since then, she's worked stateside at SuperCamp held at Stanford University and became full-time at QLN later that same year.

In her free time, Sarah has been known to spend time with her family and friends, read, and hang out at the beach with her dog, Violet.

Cheyenne Foster

Dr. Cheyenne Foster has been with QLN/SuperCamp for 13 years as a Program Developer, Trainer, Lead Facilitator, and Site Administrator. Cheyenne is a full-time employee at Quantum Learning Network designing programs, training staff, training and certifying Quantum Learning teachers, and facilitating students programs.

In her free time Cheyenne loves to spend time outside with her family, work with essential oils, and run half marathons at Disneyland.


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SuperCamp has held 7- to 10-day residential programs at top universities in the US and globally since 1982. With a focus on academic strategies, motivation, life skills, and leadership, students gain the skills necessary to succeed in our ever-changing society. 

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With SuperCamp Future Day, students will be able to spend a jam-packed day with our trained facilitators engaging with their teams to dive deeper into content.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 “Action is the fundamental key to success”

- Pablo Picasso

SuperCamp Future Day


A Live, Interactive, Workshop for ages 13 - 18


  • Access to the half-day interactive workshop (9:00 am to 1:00 pm Pacific / 12 noon to 4:00 pm Eastern).
  • SuperCamp Future Day kit mailed (additional $100+ in value)
  • Closing Celebration with parents encouraged to attend.
  • A safe, fun, and engaging online learning environment with students from all over the world.
  • 24/7 access to our session replay.
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