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Habits of an Excellent Learner


Master the Habits of an Excellent Learner

  • Gain confidence while being more successful in learning any topic/subject
  • Embody strategies to increase understanding and memory
  • Develop the routines to learn quickly with lasting results

This course is designed to give learners skills and strategies to excel in all areas of academics. Fun and engaging sessions are designed in "micro-lessons", to support focus and allow implementation of each strategy. Build understanding of how the brain learns, learn productive ways to maximize study time, and implement memory techniques that increase retention.


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"Build Your Brain" by Quantum Learning

Why do I need to know about my brain? Simple. It's where learning happens! It's where we gather all the information, form memories, make connections and think at really high levels. Knowing how our brains learn lays the foundation upon which we can master the 5 Habits.

The Power of Productive Habits

What is a Quantum Learner? A student who knows how they learn best, has the strategies to master academic content and possses the motivation to put it into action. You'll discover the Five Habits of an Excellent Learner—Prepare, Get In State, Prime Your Mind, Focus on the One Thing and Make It Stick— mindsets and strategies to increase attention, comprehension, and retention of new information.

Quantum Learning Habits of an Excellent Learner MINI Course

  • Explore each Habit and discover how they work as a cycle.
  • Gain valuable Hot Tips on how to use the Habits to boost memory retention and school success. 
  • Experience content delivered in an engaging mini course format to fit any busy schedule.

This mini course gives an overview of the Habits of an Excellent Learner and how they work within the process of learning along with a Hot Tip to kick start using them effectively. 

Quantum Learning Habits of an Excellent Learner


MINI Course

  • Interactive mini lesson 
  • 24/7 access to video 
  • Downloadable resource
  • Video/Tech support

Quantum Learning Habits of an Excellent Learner FULL Course

This course includes ten video lessons that you can watch at your own pace. They provide depth and understanding to each of the five Habits of an Excellent Learner. All lessons are led by a Quantum Learning trained facilitator and are accessible 24/7 within our platform.

Downloadable resources are available to accompany your learning along with tech support in accessing the course.


Quantum Learning Habits of an Excellent Learner

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  • 10 lessons (10-30 min each)
  • 24/7 access to video library
  • Downloadable resources
  • Video/Tech support