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Quantum Learning offers courses:

For Students

Join live virtual courses to gain lifetime skills of reading, writing, strategies, motivation, and leadership.
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For Parents

Access courses to support your student in their path to success.
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For Educators/Trainers

Training courses that provide strategies to use in the classroom.
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Upcoming Complimentary Featured Events:

Complimentary Master Class 
For teachers, educators, trainers, and presenters

Learn 3 Top Skills That Extraordinary Trainers Have Mastered:

Presence. Curiosity. Acuity.

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Complimentary Master Class 
For Parents and Teens

Teen Leadership Master Class

Identify and Develop your Positive Traits
Saturday, March 20
10am PT | 12pm CT | 1pm ET

Gain clarity and possibly shift your perspective on what type of leader you are (and yes everyone IS a leader!) Define your vision to achieve direction and support in making choices that will get you where you want to go! 

Led by Bobbi DePorter, President and Founder of Quantum Learning and SuperCamp, and Claude Mitchell, Lead Facilitator of SuperCamp.
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Upcoming Trainings:

Quantum Learning's

 Maestro Training Series

Take the course that top world leaders have built their foundation on 

Beginning May 11th, 10am PT & 6pm PT times

For teachers, educators, trainers, and presenters of all kind

Join us to learn how to deliver life-changing trainings consistently, effectively, and authentically.

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Quantum Learning's

 QL Monthly Maestro Class

Master your design and facilitation of dynamic workshops and inspiring classrooms

For teachers, educators, trainers, and presenters of all kind

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April 21


The Power of Rapport

Learn the 4 ingredients of an acknowledgment that accentuates and accelerates students’ effort.

4pm PT | 7pm ET


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For Students

We offer multiple interactive, live, virtual programs created specifically to meet students right where they are. All possess a combination of brain-based research in optimal learning practices and dynamic facilitators to engage students at the personal level.

 Our on-campus programs have proven successful over the past 39 years with over 85,000 student success stories and across 14 countries. All programs are led by highly trained facilitators in Quantum Learning Methodology and are geared toward students in middle school, high school, and college. 

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For Parents

Parents can support their students with a number of QL programs.

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QL self-paced Habits of an Excellent Learner teaches students the 5 Habits to embody to be a more effective learner and the how-to accompanying strategies. With nearly four hours of video content, each video focuses on a specific strategy that aligns with each Habit. Learn more


The 8 Keys of Excellence Family Program is a self-paced course that dives into the 8 Keys of Excellence as a character-building and social emotional learning experience for the entire family. Make your time at home meaningful with these go-at-your-own-pace sessions. Learn more


SuperCamp Learning and Life Skills Courses offer four self-paced virtual courses for students to choose from—or take them all! Create your own schedule. 

  • Self-driven Motivation and Leadership Now
  • Quantum Reading
  • Quantum Writing
  • Quantum Strategies

For students ages 11–18. Gain access to lifelong learning skills that support personal and academic success year-round. Learn more

For Educators and Trainers

We offer courses in effective teaching and training methods.

Complimentary Session on April 7th: 3 Skills That Extraordinary Trainers Know and Do You're invited to attend a live session to discover the 3 Top Skills that Trainers Know and Do! For trainers, presenters, teachers, and educators of all kind. Learn more

QL Maestro Training Series An interactive, fast-paced, affirming, challenging, and fun, 4-week, 4-session program that takes your delivery skills as a teacher, educator, trainer, or presenter of any kind to a whole new level! Learn more

QL Excellence in Teaching is our signature training in the Quantum Learning System, focusing on building a strong Culture and engaging Cognition. In includes essential outcomes and accompanying strategies to improve effectiveness in the masterful orchestration of learning. Learn more

Now available as an eCourse for individuals and groups!

 QL Maestro Class Quick 1-hour sessions to gain strategies, tackle relevant challenges, and receive live-coaching for success in online facilitation. Learn more

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Be the first to know of all programs and updates within the QL Universe.