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Quantum Learning Excellence in Teaching


Now more than ever, especially in this digital, virtual,
blended learning world, our students need our very best--
the BEST classroom culture, the BEST learning experiences and the BEST version of ourselves.


For the first time in 25 years, Quantum Learning Excellence in Teaching is available online!

The best of brain-compatible learning strategies, optimal design and delivery of content,
and in-depth insights into how to orchestrate learning so you get the results you're looking for ...
better attention, better participation, better learning!

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In this 14-module eCourse
you'll learn how to ...


  • establish safety, support and a sense of belonging.


  • orchestrate all aspects of the classroom culture and cognition.


  • drive delivery using brain-friendly strategies and pedagogy.


  • identify aspects of the classroom environment that support comprehension and content mastery.


  • experience how the QL System creates a transformation.


  • use the 8 Keys of Excellence to promote character development.


  • use the Brain's Natural Learning Systems to support implementation of effective teaching strategies.


Get renewed, refreshed, rejuvenated NOW!

Use this eCourse for ...


  • PLCs

  • staff meetings

  • 2-hour trainings

  • grade-level meetings

  • department meetings

  • becoming the best educator you can be!

Familiar with Quantum Learning?

Use this course to review and refresh 
your understanding and deepen
your application
 of QL strategies!


Here's the content:

The Quantum Learning System
Brain’s Natural Learning Systems
Learning and Memory
Directives of Culture
Directives of Cognition
The Shift Frame
Characteristics of Foundation
8 Keys of Excellence
Classroom Agreements
Home Court Advantage
QL Teaching Cycle
Brain Basics
State Facilitation
We need a review and refresher!

The best of Quantum Learning ...
in an eCourse!


Regardless of the content, grade level, or number of years of teaching experience, 
educators around the world know one thing is universal in education:

Teaching is a science and an art,
an expression of the mind and heart.

This course provides the mindsets, models, and strategies
that excellent teachers possess and execute at high levels.

By the end of this course you will have

  • increased your competence knowledge and skills– so that you more consistently get the results you desire
  • amplified your confidence through reflection and connection with other educators
  • expanded your joy and satisfaction

This course includes:

  • Exclusive access to the QL Community monthly live-virtual support sessions 
  • a free copy of Excellence in Teaching and Learning by Bobbi DePorter
  • a free set of mini affirmation posters

Thousands of teachers, department chairs, grade team leaders, assistant principals, principals and directors have experienced the impact Quantum Learning has on their ability to achieve outcomes more consistently and do so with greater joy and fulfillment. 

Invest in yourself, your team, and your school today!

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Quantum Learning Excellence in Teaching eCourse

$275 USD

This course is valued at $985.
You save $710!

  • Increase your competenceknowledge and skills– so that you more consistently get the results you desire
  • Amplify your confidence through reflection and connection with other educators
  • Expand your joy and satisfaction

This course includes:

  • 14 self-paced interactive videos
  • GuideBook
  • Exclusive access to the QL Community and to the 
    monthly, virtual-live support sessions [$50 value per person per session]
  • free copy of Excellence in Teaching and Learning by Bobbi DePorter [$40 value]
  • free set of mini affirmation posters [$20 value]





$6,000 USD
[SAVE: $3,450]

Increase your competence knowledge and skills– so that you more consistently get the results you desire.

Amplify your confidence through reflection and connection with other educators.

Expand your joy and satisfaction.

Here's what you get:

  • Complete QLET eCourse
    • 14 interactive videos
    • GuideBooks
    • Affirmation posters [$20 value per person]
  • Exclusive access to the QL Community and to the monthly, virtual-live support sessions [$50 value per person per session]
  • Excellence in Teaching and Learning by Bobbi DePorter for each participant [$40 value per person]

Have more than 30 participants? 
Additional participants as low as $200/person










QLET eCourse for
Schools & Groups


Knowledge + Training + Support = TRANSFORMATION


Take your professional development experience
to the next level!

Upgrade to customized training with one
of our Master-level Educational Consultants!

Get your staff together for ongoing, 
1-hour, virtual-live training sessions

to support deep implementation 
of the Quantum Learning Excellence in Teaching eCourse


IN ADDITION to the QLET eCourse for Schools & Groups . . .



  • Master-level Educational Consultant customizes the training and implementation plans to meet your specific school's needs
  • develop deeper application of the Quantum Learning System to tackle your challenges
  • discuss relevant examples as they pertain to your school
  • customized guidance to deepen implementation and sustainability of results



How do we thrive in times of change?

Quantum Learning is the glue!


"According to our teachers, QL continues to be a glue that holds our culture together and gives us a shared purpose and vision.”


-Laura Hurla, Berryton Elementary
On the path to becoming the first
Quantum Learning Distinguished
School in America.

The Quantum Learning eCourse Team

Dr. Cheyenne


Program Developer & 
Master Trainer


Educational Consultant & eCourse  Facilitator

Mark Steven Reardon

Chief Architect of Learning


Dr. Jenny

Educational Consultant


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