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ACCELERATE! programs align with ESSER fund guidelines and other funding sources. 
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Every student deserves their best shot 

at conquering school and life.

Do you want to give your students the skills they need for greater well-being and academic success?

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Quantum Learning delivers solutions that inspire, equip, and empower young people to be
socially-emotionally healthy
and academically successful. 

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We run outstanding during-school, out-of-school, and summer programs for middle school and high school students.

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Through our SuperCamp programs and customized student programs for public and private schools, we've impacted the personal and academic success of over 90,000 students across the US and the world.

3 reasons to choose
Quantum Learning's ACCELERATE! program.

Fun & Interactive

Your students will enjoy what they're doing, find it relevant and stay engaged!

Social-Emotional Well-being

Students who feel good about themselves and interact with others in healthy ways are more open and ready to learn your curriculum.


To mitigate learning loss and meet the demands of critical content, your students need the strategies to comprehend quickly, retain longer, and articulate what they learned. 


Grounded in the neuroscience of learning, motivation, and behavior change,
the ACCELERATE! program inspires, equips, and empowers students to be
socially and emotionally healthy, and academically successful.

We customize the program content and hours based on your needs: multiple days/hours, in person, live virtual. Each ACCELERATE! solution provides a blend of social-emotional wellness, learning skills, and activities in an environment of safety, belonging, and support.

The entire Accelerate! program is packed with strategies that promote ...

Social-Emotional Well-Being

  • identify, regulate, and express emotions in healthy ways

  • ownership and responsibility, and being accountable to self and others

  • motivation and confidence

  • communicate in respectful and affirming ways

  • calmness training

  • self-leadership

Learning-to-Learn Skills

  • constructive attitudes and mindsets

  • enhance their comprehension and retention of critical content

  • notetaking and study management

  • staying focused and open to learning

  • ideation and formation of essays and reports

  • strategies to maximize virtual, hybrid, and in-person classes


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We'll partner with you to ensure you get the content your students need within the time structure that's best.



Your students ... engaged. They are smiling and attentive as our dynamic facilitators, in-person or live-virtual, share the mindsets and strategies your students need to be socially-emotionally healthy and academically successful.

In small groups, with your teachers as their guides, students interact with one another practicing the skills that sharpen their communication and strengthen their relationships.

After an activity that invites them to step out of their comfort zone, they settle in to capture notes and reflect on their learning.

Your customized solution would look something like that as it meets the ACCELERATE! program outcomes.

At the end of the program, your students will feel more confident, understand themselves better, be connected with schoolmates, and be equipped to conquer critical content.

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The research is clear ...

  • Positive relationships and attachments are the essential ingredient that catalyzes healthy development and learning … and enables resilience from trauma.

  • Children actively construct knowledge by connecting what they know to what they are learning within their cultural contexts. Creating those connections is key to learning.

  • Learning is social, emotional, and academic. Children learn best when they feel safe, affirmed, and deeply engaged within a supportive community of learners.

  • Learning is enhanced by physical activity, joy, and opportunities for self-expression.

  • Students’ perceptions of their own ability influence learning. All children are motivated to learn the next set of skills ....

Excerpted from Accelerated Learning As We Build Back Better. Linda Darling-Hammond.

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